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Animals Need Shade is a Australian campaign launched recently by Queensland animal advocates.  An online petition was lodged in 2019 calling on the Queensland government to make stronger legal protections and enforceability regarding the provision of adequate shade and shelter for all farm animals. A former RSPCA president, merchant banker turned animal welfare advocate and Australian veterinarian and professor are all supporting Queensland animal advocates in the campaign to mandate shade and shelter for millions of farm animals in all states of Australia and all countries of the world.

The community has been advised to continue to report to the RSPCA, keeping the case number and photos. When the community sees that animals continues to suffer after a report is made Animals Need Shade is advising the community to contact the Animal Defenders Office.  

In the absence of tough laws to protect our animals it is left to the community who is confronted with task of shining a light on the catastrophic failure of key organisations who are failing to provide the most basic of laws to protect our Farm Animals from Suffering.  In response to the absence of protection for animals and in particular, Farm animals a number of organisations have arisen to create a force for change.  Animals Need Shade now has over 200,000 supporters which is growing by the minute. Please read in more detail about what is going on  HERE.

Sheep desperately trying to find any source of shade on a hot day

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Each year thousands of outdoor farm animals suffer terribly from heat pain without access to adequate or NO shade or shelter in paddocks, holding pens, feedlots and saleyards throughout Australia and countries around the world.  

Lets stop this needless suffering!

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